Are you Ready to Live an 

Awesome Life?


      It doesn’t matter what you do, 

when you do it with authenticity, 

you attract what you need in life 

and your life becomes more awesome!


         What would make your life more awesome?

Clarity ?




Better relationships?

More income?


  Whatever it is, there is one thing you can do that 

will guarantee you get what you need in life. 

  Authenticity leads to clarity, confidence, courage, self-acceptance, better relationships, 

more income and more joy!  

People frequently say, ‘Just be authentic’.
But you cannot wake up the next morning and all of a sudden, you are authentic. It doesn’t work that way.
Most people don’t even know what being authentic means.
One thing is for sure, being authentic is the best way to live an awesome life.
That’s what happened for… Diana Gregory
She retired as sales manager of a major beer manufacturer, without a clue of what she was going to do next. She stepped into her authenticity and uncovered her passion for fresh food and for seniors. Now she runs her own non-profit transporting farmer fresh food to residents of senior facilities in the Phoenix, AZ area.
Paul Scott raised the awesomeness of his life as an insurance agent. He connected with his authentic voice and ventured out as an insurance broker, in partnership with another, and raised the awesomeness of his business and his life.
Then there’s Peggy Muhammad who always wanted to be a speaker. She stepped into her authentic self and is not only speaking but has her own program, which offers online webinars and live presentations in her community. And recently she was selected to host weekly online dialogues. Her life has turned around.
They all share the same secret. They stepped into their authenticity, amplified it by learning new things about themselves, tweaking a few things in their life, embracing their passion, and now, they are living the lives they dreamed of.
You can too.
It’s all about connecting with your authenticity.



   What is Authenticity?  

    It’s more than being real, honest, genuine, and trustworthy.
    When you think about living an authentic life, it’s about using your natural gifts and talents to live your dream.
It’s living life in the flow because you are doing what you love.  
 It’s the clarity to know who you are. The courage to communicate about it. The confidence to be yourself.

For many of us, authenticity is the puzzle that we have yet to complete.  

We live so often to the dictates of elders or of society. Our authenticity is often stripped from us as early as our preschool years. 

Then as we go through childhood trying to please other people, we take clues from them and adapt their views and beliefs. Then we become an adult and realize that the values of those who raised us may not be the values that we believe.  

Authenticity is recognizing who we truly are and deciding how we are going to live our lives. It’s the foundation of living an awesome life.  


How does it show up and 

impact your life?  

In your everyday life authenticity guides your actions, makes decision-making easier.  

 Speakers speak with greater authority and become better storytellers

 Coaches gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their clients. 

 Leaders become more engaging and find It easier to build teams.  

And, you will find yourself able to communicate with increased confidence, clarity and courage.


I can show you how to connect with your authenticity then amplify it so you reach new levels of success, however you define it.



This is the teaching tool and the resource that can change your life!

It’s a grid of energies that live within you and how the different energies integrate with each other.


The Authenticity Grid is based on 30 years of research on human nature from personal, professional, and spiritual perspectives.


In my upcoming Masterclass, I will teach you about the Authenticity Grid and guide you to:


1.    Understand yourself in new ways


2.    Expand your understanding of human energy


3.    Gain new perspectives about yourself and your potential


4.    Identify your energy strengths


5.    Compensate for your energy vulnerabilities


6.    Discover what is most dynamic about you


7.    Coach yourself using the Authenticity Grid


8.    Amplify your authenticity


Hi, I’m Norma Hollis.
When I was 28 years old, I realized I had lived my life doing everything my parents had instructed. A husband, good job, cars, a house, and lots of fine things…But I was miserable.
I didn’t know what to do with myself next because I didn’t know who I was. That’s what inspired me to begin a journey to understand myself. I had no idea it would take 30 years.
I read everything I could get my hands on about what it means to be human. In the beginning, I relied on what I learned earning a degree in child and family life sciences and jobs directing preschool programs. 
Then I jumped out of the non-profit world to become the owner of a speaker bureau. I learned that I was the first black woman to own a speaker bureau for black speakers. This taught me a lot about business. All the time I was studying and writing about what I discovered about myself.
Now I run a coaching company based on my work with the Authenticity Grid, which is essentially a collaboration of the things I learned in my 30 years of study. 
I teach people all over the world about authenticity and certify many as Authentic Speakers, Authenticity Coaches and Advocates of Authenticity.
I’m committed to making the world a better place by teaching what it means to be authentic.

I love to teach people about human energy and authenticity, 

and I invite you to join me for the Masterclass


Amplify Your Authenticity

Cash in on Your Authentic Voice

Tuesday, August 17

1:00 PM PDT




Attaining authenticity means gaining new perspectives about life and self.
When you do, you realize that life can be better than it is, right now.
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