Finding, living and sharing your authentic voice 

is one of the most powerful things 

you can do for yourself 

Here's a chance to learn from an authenticity expert who will give you 

5 challenges that will be a catalyst to communicating and connecting with 

your authentic voice in the world.

Tune in to your Authentic Voice to Gain Clarity, Courage, Self-confidence, and Trust

When you take the 5-Day Authentic Voice Challenge, you will...

Discover the confidence that comes from following the quiet strength of your authentic self.

• Tune into your intuition for greater clarity that leads to easier decision-making.

• Reveal the inner conversations that guide your life and follow your inner voice to greater fulfillment.

"Just Be Authentic..."

You've probably heard this advice before, but has anyone ever taught you 

HOW to be authentic in an easy way.

At the 5-Day Authentic Voice Challenge you will learn about Authenticity and engage in exercises online from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST to discover 

HOW you can Be Authentic.

Are you Ready to Get 

Reacquainted with 

Your Authentic Self?

Take the 5-Day Challenge and 

BE your Authentic Self!

All you need to do is fill in your 

name and email to join us at no cost!

November 8 -12, 2021 | 9:00 AM PST - 10:00 AM PST

Meet Your Authentic Voice Facilitator 

Norma T. Hollis

Authenticity, Self-Awareness and Leadership Expert

    Norma Hollis is an international authority on authenticity as it relates to self-awareness, communication, and connection. She shares her knowledge as a speaker, coach, trainer, and author of multiple learning tools. Her books include “Ten Steps to Authenticity”, “Blueprint for Engagement: Authentic Leadership” and “The Process to Become a Professional Speaker”. Norma has been in the personal and professional development industry for over two decades and is a pioneer in the arena of finding, living, and sharing your authentic voice.       

Join the 5-Day Authentic Voice Challenge

Where you will Experience:

Challenge #1 - Free Yourself to Hear Your Inner Voice

Practice a simple exercise you can do to open a connection with your inner voice.

Challenge #2 - Get Confirmation of How Your Inner Voice Speaks to You

Take some quiet time to tune into your intuition and learn how your authentic inner voice speaks to you. 

Challenge #3 - Learn to Trust the Small Still Voice Within You

Learn a method to gain assurance that the voice speaking to you is the one you want to listen to. 

Challenge #4 - Gain a New Perspective of How Your Inner Voice Communicates

Uncover the energy of your inner voice style. 

Challenge #5 - Examine Your Inner Voice Messages

Tune in to the inner conversations that are guiding your life and catch the negative thoughts that cause confusion and erode your sense of confidence.

At the end of these 5 days, you will be empowered to recognize when your authentic voice is speaking, hear the message, trust the message and act on it. This challenge will give a new level of self-confidence and courage, improve your decision-making, and lead you to greater success.

Take the 5-Day Authentic Voice Challenge

Communicate and Connect With 

Your Authentic Inner Voice 

All we need is your name and email to get started at no cost!

November 8 -12, 2021

9:00 AM PST - 10:00 AM PST

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